Video Blogs of Jenna’s Visit!

I really like editing together vlogs with varying levels of seriousness, so when Jenna said she was okay with my documenting our adventures, I had a ball!  Here are the vlogs I made of her four-day visit!

1|  Jenna arrived in the afternoon and we hurried downtown to do a little sight-seeing and a LOT of eating.

2|  We made the most of our tourist day by visiting All The Things:  the Acropolis and its super-cool new museum, the Temple of Zeus, and the 1896 Olympic Stadium, where we were big weirdos and it was so much fun.  

3|  I didn’t take any videos on Day Three.  In the morning we toured the Damaris house.  Then she stayed in Syntagma while I went to Greek class.  That night we had coffee with Dina!  It was a nice day, but not one that is easily videoed.

4|  On Jenna’s last day in Greece, we went to the island of Aegina!

I really liked making these videos, and as especially fun days come around, I hope to make more!  I love documenting my life with blog posts and pictures, and now, with video!


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