Favorite Posts


God is Kind to Self-Absorbed Crybabies (Like Me)
Hope in a Hurting World
Sharing My Faith
Is God Male?
How Will We be Greeted by God in Eternity?
Thank You, Dallas Theological Seminary
A Fully Realized Christian Hope Counteracts the Cynicism of Postmodernism and Legalism
Holy Week
Good Friday
Theodicy and the Silmarillion
What is Your Gumdrop Button?
I Still Have a Hole in my Heart


I’m All About Girl Pop
I Guess I’m Not Suitable for Marriage
Mad Max: Fury Road
Sex Trafficking (1 of 3): God’s Perspective
Sex Trafficking (2 of 3): Victim’s Perspective
Sex Trafficking (3 of 3): Caregiver’s Perspective
Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?
I’m So Glad I Accidentally Got a Copy of Glamour


Selfie Culture:  I’m a Fan
Final Fantasy:  Ranked
Sia’s Dance Videos
Captain America:  Winter Soldier
One Direction Manifesto
Hope in Lord of the Rings
4 Guilty Pleasures
There Are No Adults in Disney World


How to Cope with Anxiety in an Airport
Tricia Snorkels to Impress a Guy
How to Keep Your Sanity on a Solo Road Trip
Tricia Accepts the Inevitability of Peeing in Public
Tricia Believes in Magic
Tricia Goes on a Float Trip from Hell


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