Recurring Series

The hardest thing about writing daily blog posts is the fact that I simply can’t depend upon my ability to be creative that frequently.  What to do?  Create recurring series that require far less brain energy to create!

They’re not all born of laziness, however.  Some things (like keeping in touch with friends via letters or texts) are simply too wonderful to do once.  Others are very helpful for when I say “Did you see this thing!?” to a friend and can simply hit up my Sunday Summary posts when they say no.

  • Sunday Summary | This series documents the blog posts and videos that I saw during the previous week.  Sometimes they are thought-provoking, but more often they made me laugh out loud.
  • Letters Between Friends | Shared with my friend Lindsay’s blog, we alternate Thursdays by writing letters to each other’s blogs.  It’s a great way for me to keep in touch with my oldest and dearest friend while also stretching some creativity muscles.
  • A Week in Greece | Posted on Saturdays, this series gives me a way to keep friends and family up to date on my life in Athens, Greece without taking up ALL THE BLOG SPACE every day of the week.
  • Let’s Talk About | This is my newest series, co-blogged with my friend Elizabeth, and posted randomly.  I copy our Facebook Messenger conversations about topics like theology, Tom Hiddleston, and maybe someday, a theology of Tom Hiddleston.

Some series work better than others.  The following series were observed for awhile, but quickly dropped, mostly because I got bored.