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36843_532415060602_4465517_nI have been a voracious reader since the moment I first learned the alphabet.  In 1st grade I won an award for reading 1,000 books during the school year.  In 3rd grade I won an award for earning more Accelerated Reader points than anyone else in the school, up to and including 6th graders.  The excitement of learning to drive was tempered by my disappointment that I would be losing hours of reading time each week by moving from the passenger to the driver’s seat.  It was not unusual for me to be reading four books concurrently, a habit I still indulge today.  I also continue to carry a book with me at all times–one in my purse, one at my office, and of course, several emergency ebooks on my Kindle.

Clearly, I have an obsessive relationship with books.  I like to think that by reviewing what I read, I am turning my obsession into something productive.  I hope my reviews connect readers with a new book that will blow their mind, quiet their soul, or make them laugh.  And if you, dear reader, become similarly obsessed with books, my goal will have been successful.

To be fully serious for a moment, I think reading is a valuable skill:  vocationally, emotionally, and culturally.  I feel less alone by reading stories about people like me, and I learn to better empathize by reading stories about people who are different from me.  Our worldview expands when we read, and in an age of global interaction, I think this is extremely necessary.  Plus, obviously, books are just crazy entertaining.


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