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Netflix Rec | 13 REASONS WHY

I heard a lot about 13 Reasons Why before I actually sat down to watch it, both positive and negative.  I read the book when it was published in 2007, and I remember liking it and feeling impacted by it.  Ten years later, though, I couldn't remember enough of the details to decide whether the… Continue reading Netflix Rec | 13 REASONS WHY

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Are You a Cat or a Dog?

A roommate conversation at the dinner table: Me:  I just read an article about how there are five cat personalities, and Hans Harrison is definitely a "human cat" because he loves snuggles and invading personal space. Roommate #1:  A guy was telling me today about how men are dogs and women are cats. Me:  Okay,… Continue reading Are You a Cat or a Dog?

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Self-Care During This Political Chaos

I almost always feel alone in my beliefs.  I'm too conservative for my liberal friends and too liberal for my conservative friends, but for one reason or another, I typically have more conservative friends than liberal ones.  A lot of the time, this doesn't cause conflict, because although our politics differ, many of our goals… Continue reading Self-Care During This Political Chaos

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We Remember: A Ceremony to Lament and Honor Women

One of my least favorite things about the Bible are stories where women are neglected, abused, raped, and chopped into twelve pieces.  Worse than the stories themselves is the way in which God is silent about these stories.  When Abraham sacrificed his son, God saved the day by providing a ram.  When Jephthah sacrificed his… Continue reading We Remember: A Ceremony to Lament and Honor Women

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Sunday Summary #42

1|  Feminist satire with Kristen Bell: what could be better? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_m5AlsQqcs

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Sunday Summary #41

1|  9 Brutally Real Reasons Why Millenials Refuse to Have Kids I LIVE.  If you like babies, you probably need a sense of humor (or empathy) to read this article, but as someone who has always been deeply ambivalent about having biological children, I was screaming in agreement throughout the whole thing. 2|  Marvel movies… Continue reading Sunday Summary #41

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Sunday Summary #37

1|  Stop Pretending “Sexy” and “Sexualized” Mean the Same Thing by The Mary Sue YES, thank you.  There are ways to show and appreciate the human form without resorting to gross objectification. I repeat: nobody has a problem with you being turned on by people you find attractive. This article is not about how you perceive… Continue reading Sunday Summary #37