In, But Not Of by Hugh Hewitt

What an fascinating book!  Christians often think “meek and mild” automatically means “not influential.”  Hewitt adamantly disagrees.  While he admits the need for ministers and missionaries who focus on individual change, he is a huge proponent for Christians diving into American politics, finance, and entertainment.  Citing examples such as William Wilberforce, he believes that Christians can, and should, affect global change.

To that end, Hewitt’s book is divided into chapters of varying length, but uniform practicality.  He is refreshingly direct, advising readers to live deliberately from a very young age.  I really admired his lack of BS; he doesn’t really care if people agree with him.  He has seen how the world works, and he wrote this book to tell you about it.  For instance, he tells readers that future politicians must live in DC, future financiers must live in NYC, and future entertainers must live in Los Angeles.  Ideally, you should live in all three at some point, and before age 25.  He sets a high standard, but then, world leaders have a lot to live up to.

Balancing Christian humility with ambition is seemingly impossible, but Hewitt has done it.  This book is a must read for Christians who want to affect the world on a systemic level, and it probably ought to be read by everyone else too.  It’s that good.

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Influence is not accidental.  It is earned.  In, But Not Of charts the course to acquiring influence over the life of a career while remaining committed to the commands and example of Christ.

Broadcast journalist and law professor Hugh Hewitt not only challenges us to become more engaged in steering the course of history through politics, law, finance, and entertainment, but he also maps out simple, effective strategies that will enable us to bring our visions of influence to pass.

Release Date:  May 2010

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