Sunday Summary #42

1|  Feminist satire with Kristen Bell: what could be better?


Not much to report this week, or at least there wasn’t until yesterday, when two big things happened that cannot yet be announced.  Sooo….that leaves…a lot of TV watching, book reading, and Greek practice.

Work is still going.  We had some big meetings this week, and during our 12 Step time, two people expressed pent-up hurt in a way that brought us all closer together.  Afterwards, Anthi thanked me.  “Whenever someone says something that might make someone mad, you always say ‘Thank you for being honest with us’ right away.  It’s very hard to be mad when you have already thanked them.”

And at a different time, someone complained about something, and I asked, “Have you told them how you feel?”  The person said, “TRICIA,” and then a few hours later came back and said they’d told the person how they feel, the person had said, “Wow, I had no idea that’s what you felt!” and now they both felt a lot better.

This (interpersonal conflict management) is, I think, one of the most valuable things I bring to HD.   Continue reading “A Week in Greece #37: SOOTHING INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT and ANOTHER KINDRED SPIRIT”

A Brief Description of the Enneagram

I have long been a fan of Myers-Briggs, and I talk frequently about being an INFJ on this blog, but I am totally having an affair with the Enneagram personality type system.

The Enneagram “teaches that there are nine different personality styles, one of which we naturally gravitate toward and adopt in childhood to cope and feel safe. Each type has a distinct worldview and an underlying motivation that powerfully influences how that type thinks, feels and behaves. Unlike other personality typing systems, the Enneagram shows us who we are at both our best and worst and suggests ways we can relax our grip on the self-defeating behaviors that prevent us from becoming our best, most authentic selves” (found here).

I’ll describe the basic characteristics of the nine types based upon information found here and here, and if this is at all interesting to you, I encourage you to take the test online and find out your type!

Type Ones are The Reformers, part of the instinctive center, and they are principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionistic.  Their worldview is: “The world is an imperfect place.  I work toward improvement.”  Their basic desire is to be right and their basic fear is of being condemned.

Type Twos are The Helpers, part of the feeling center, and they are generous, demonstrative, people-pleasing, and possessive.  Their worldview is: “People depend on my help.  I am needed.”  Their basic desire is to be loved, and their basic fear is of being unloved. Continue reading “A Brief Description of the Enneagram”

What I’m Homesick For

I’ve been feeling very homesick lately, so I’m going to list all the things I miss here in an attempt to get them out and move one step closer to moving on.  I’m not going to include people because that is obvious and I will inevitably forget someone.

I miss:

  1. Autumn in Illinois.
  2. Red, orange, yellow, brown, and green trees.
  3. Tanner’s Orchard.
  4. Apple and pumpkin flavored everything.
  5. Crisp air.
  6. Sweaters and boots and scarves.
  7. Driving.
  8. Singing while driving.
  9. Drive-throughs.
  10. Walking into a store or restaurant and knowing exactly what to do and say.
  11. Background conversations being in English.
  12. Knowing my sizes while shopping.
  13. Knowing which stores will have the things I need.
  14. Target.
  15. Roadtrips.
  16. Paying with a debit card.
  17. Having access to Hulu and Spotify.
  18. Going to the library.
  19. Having Wifi in my house.
  20. Going to movie theaters regularly.

Three things I don’t miss:

  1. The food.
  2. The knowledge that many people around me have guns.
  3. Being in the midst of our political catastrophe.

Sunday Summary #41

1|  9 Brutally Real Reasons Why Millenials Refuse to Have Kids

I LIVE.  If you like babies, you probably need a sense of humor (or empathy) to read this article, but as someone who has always been deeply ambivalent about having biological children, I was screaming in agreement throughout the whole thing.

2|  Marvel movies have boring soundtracks – here’s why!


I was thinking about what I would write here while walking down the street, and it was literally going to include the words “I just want to be in the United States!!  Cry, cry, whine, whine.”  But then I saw someone I knew walking in the opposite direction!  But…we’ll get there at the end of the week.

It’s been a hard week, is what I’m trying to say.  Well, now that I’m looking back on the calendar, there were some really great moments too.  I don’t know!  Clearly this is not going to be a well-thought-out blog post.

Okay, so at work, we got our director back, which meant that most staff meetings were in Greek and it was translated to me and Luciana until everyone else realized that it took twice as long to do this and anyway, everyone speaks English.  This somehow set off a really weird set of circumstances where everyone kept trying to make me speak Greek.  I just kind of glared at people, and finally Natasha asked how Greek was going.  “It’s horrible.  I’m taking lessons twice a week and I’m still relearning the things I knew in January.  I feel like an idiot, but I also have zero motivation to put in more effort because when I’m at work, I’m thinking about work, and when I’m not at work, I’m thinking about fundraising, and when I’m not doing either of those things, I’m trying desperately to distract myself with books or movies.  And even hanging out with friends isn’t helpful, because it feels like work!  I like my friends here, but it’s not easy!  Nothing is easy!  So why would I purposefully add one more hard thing to my plate!?!?” In the face of this meltdown (it really happened, I said all of those things), Natasha said, “Oh.  Yeah.  Learning a new language in a new country must be…hard.”

“It is.  Thank you.”

So anyway Continue reading “A Week in Greece #36: RAMBO JESUS, GOODBYE ROOMMATE, TWO NEW CATS”



Dear Tricia,

So….I didn’t even realized I missed Thursday until it was SATURDAY!  Like totally missed full days…But I knew exactly what I was going to write you!  SO I’m going to do it ANYWAY…even though it’s Monday.

Back here is the states, so very far away from you, anxiously awaiting your return (or our departure on 10/29…both really) we have been working diligently to try and keep you in Greece…Makes no sense really.  But, being your best friends means I want to make sure dreams come true.  So off to work I go.   Continue reading “Letters Between Friends: MISSION: KEEP TRICIA IN GREECE”