Recent Trips

It is unlikely that this page will be updated.  

Enjoy it for what it is!

Looking Back on:

A Weekend in Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania (February 2017) – CLICK to read about a quick trip to Romania!

A Weekend in Santorini

Santorini, Greece (November 2016) – CLICK to read about my trip to Santorini with two besties and watch a vlog about our adventures.

A Weekend in Meteora

Meteora, Greece (October 2016) – No written description, sorry!

A Weekend in Crete

Heraklion, Crete (August 2016) – CLICK to watch an amazingly idiotic Dubsmash video created at the Palace of Knossos

A Long Weekend in Venice and Bologna

Venice and Bologna, Italy (August 2016) – CLICK to read about my mixed feelings about visiting popular tourist destinations in Italy during the height of tourist season!

Five Days Roadtripping Through Slovenia

Slovenia (August 2016) – CLICK to read about all the caves and castles and forests I explored with my mom!

A Weekend in Cappadocia, Turkey

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 3.03.32 PM
Cappadocia, Turkey (June 2016) – CLICK to read about (and see a video of) my underground adventures with Roy and Idil!

A Weekend on the Island of Hydra

Hydra, Greece (May 2016) – CLICK to read about my adventures with Mallory on this incredibly peaceful island!

A Weekend in Berlin

Berlin, Germany (March 2016) – CLICK to read about the best and the worst of a weekend in Berlin with Kaitlyn!


A Weekend in NYC with my Mom – and HAMILTON THE MUSICAL

New York City, NY (December 2015) –  CLICK to read about our adventures in the Big Apple!


A 44-Hour Train Ride Across the Country to Visit My Brother

#44HoursInATrain (November 2015) – CLICK to read about my Amtrak trip from Chicago to Seattle | DAY ONE | DAY TWO | DAY THREE


A 32-Day Roadtrip to DC, South Carolina, Tennessee, Dallas, and MORE

RoadTrip Collage
#32DaysInMyCar from Maryland to Alabama to Tennessee to Texas to Illinois (October 2015) – CLICK to read about all the places and people I visited!

A Day Trip to Disney World with my Family

Savannah, GA and Disney World (July 2015) – CLICK to read about my love of Disney World.


A Weekend of Eating and Kayaking in New Orleans

New Orleans, LA (June 2015) – CLICK to read about restaurants in the Big Easy.


The Coldest River Tubing Experience in the World

Flat Creek, MO (May 2015) – CLICK to read about the most horrible experience in the world.


A Week in Greece to Decide Whether I’ll Move There (SPOILER: I Did)

Athens, Greece (March 2015) – CLICK to read a daily blog from my trip to Athens.


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