My Favorite YouTubers

I first became aware of YouTubers (people who regularly upload personal videos to YouTube, as opposed to people who post single unrelated videos) when I discovered the world of cute and clever British boys.  I checked in with them regularly, and then I discovered the Vlogbrothers.  These were my favorite YouTubers for years, and only recently did I discover Grace Helbig.  Through her collaborations, I found Rhett and Link’s daily morning show Good Mythical Morning.  It was a quick step from their to find their podcast, Earbiscuits, as well as Grace’s less intense spinoff, Not Too Deep.  From there, the YouTube world opened before me, and I found several new people I wanted to subscribe to.  Listed here in chronological order (because I could never rank them):  my favorite YouTubers.

  1. Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike).  This is where it all began for me.  An awkwardly adorable British boy doing dumb things.  Pretty much…my exact favorite thing in the world.  Although he has lately gotten more professional and less spontaneous, his old videos never fail to make me smile.
  2. Alex Day (Alex Day).  A former roommate of Charlie’s, Alex is less cute but more hilarious.  He is snarky and inappropriate, and I wound up looking forward to his videos the most.  He’s disappeared and reappeared from YouTube for the last six months because of sexual misconduct scandal–I’m on the fence about his new stuff, but this old video remains my absolutely favorite as far as painfully awkward stories go (see also his “Alex Reads Twilight” series).
  3. John and Hank Green (vlogbrothers).  What began as a way for two brothers to keep in touch turned into a straight up Internet movement.  Nerdfighteria has created charity drives and organizations based upon their commitment to “increase world awesome and decrease world suck.”  They are intelligent, ridiculous, and passionate, and their videos immediately reveal this.  The one below is an introduction to Nerdfighteria, but I also recommend their educational series Crash Course, which is so good teachers have started using it in classrooms.  DFTBA!
  4. Grace Helbig (Grace Helbig).  Awkward, beautiful, dumb, and creative, Grace is everything I want to be.  She turned her YouTube fame into a best-selling book (Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown-Up), a movie (Camp Takota), and several other side projects.  She’s effortlessly cool, and her videos are consistently funny.  Definitely check out her travel series collaboration with Mamrie Hart (HeyUSA).
  5. Rhett and Link (Good Mythical Morning).  Best friends since grade school, Rhett and Link host a daily morning show of skits, songs, and Internet lists.  They have great rapport, they eat weird foods while blindfolded, and they seem like genuinely lovely people.  Below is one of my favorite videos in which they test their friendship.
  6. Natalie Tran (communitychannel).  Natalie is one of the cleverest people on YouTube.  She is the master of finding humor in everyday situations, and she creates skits that are nothing short of genius.  She’s recently been taking time off to film some travel shows, which is of course right up my alley.  Be careful with Natalie, her videos are almost impossible not to binge watch.

Honorable Mentions to: Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, Dan Howell, Viral Video Film School, and Belated Media.

Do you have suggestions of YouTubers I ought to start watching?  I’m always up for wasting more time on the Internet.  Comment and let me know!


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