Blog Silence

I have been in meetings all day yesterday and today.  Tomorrow is even longer, and Saturday we have exit interviews.  I know myself better than I ever have before, and I think my teammates are the coolest women on the planet. However, it’s hard to talk much about what exactly I’m experiencing.  So much of it is deeply emotional, and I don’t like to talk about those sorts of experiences without first processing everything.  And since we’re in the middle of our evaluations, there is no way for me to process things!  What I will say is:  I’m a bigger fan of SAF than I ever was before, and I have more confidence in House of Damaris than I ever had before. That’s such a cop out.  Sorry!  I guess what is happening in our conference room feels very precious, and I don’t want to ruin it by discussing or over-analyzing it too soon. HOWEVER, I will say that after the meetings tonight, a guy at the college taught me how to box.  It is not a total surprise that I have a lot of pent-up aggression, but holy cow, it was incredibly satisfying to wale on him for ten minutes.  And because he was a gentleman, he only punched me in the face a couple times. As great as the last two days have been, they have been incredibly stressful.  Punching a dude for a while is apparently a really effective outlet.


One thought on “Blog Silence

  1. maryhopecampbell March 12, 2015 / 4:37 pm

    Yes, punching someone would be a way to express stress. I’m glad you are feeling better! 🙂


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