Greek Time

I’m pretty sure my body was made for Greece.  Once I got over jet lag, the pace of a typical Greek day (at least, according to the school at which I was staying) was exactly what I would choose if I could schedule the world.  Everything is two hours later than usual, and I LOVE IT.  My typical day at the Bible College went something like this:

8:30    Wake up, eat breakfast, slowly get ready for the day.
10:00  Work and/or classes start.
11:30  Snack and socializing break.
12:00  Back to work.
2:00    Lunch time!
3:00    Back to work.6:00    Finish work and hang out for a while.
8:00    Eat dinner!
9:00    Socialize, finish projects, whatever.
12:00  Bedtime.

Three other North Americans were visiting at the same time as me (two Canadians and one USian).  Several times they expressed surprise (and dismay) at the schedule or slyly over-mentioned how weird it was to eat lunch at 2:00.  Not me!  I fully embrace the Greek lifestyle, and I plan to subtly complain about the weird American system for now on.

If you could force the world to adapt to your personalized schedule, what would it look like?


2 thoughts on “Greek Time”

  1. My work schedule is 9-6. I take my lunch at 2:30. I LOVE the schedule. When my kids are at their other house, I can not go to bed until midnight or 1 and be ok because I can sleep until 8am! I think I’d love Greece too.


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