Greek Time

I’m pretty sure my body was made for Greece.  Once I got over jet lag, the pace of a typical Greek day (at least, according to the school at which I was staying) was exactly what I would choose if I could schedule the world.  Everything is two hours later than usual, and I LOVE IT.  My typical day at the Bible College went something like this:

8:30    Wake up, eat breakfast, slowly get ready for the day.
10:00  Work and/or classes start.
11:30  Snack and socializing break.
12:00  Back to work.
2:00    Lunch time!
3:00    Back to work.6:00    Finish work and hang out for a while.
8:00    Eat dinner!
9:00    Socialize, finish projects, whatever.
12:00  Bedtime.

Three other North Americans were visiting at the same time as me (two Canadians and one USian).  Several times they expressed surprise (and dismay) at the schedule or slyly over-mentioned how weird it was to eat lunch at 2:00.  Not me!  I fully embrace the Greek lifestyle, and I plan to subtly complain about the weird American system for now on.

If you could force the world to adapt to your personalized schedule, what would it look like?



  1. My work schedule is 9-6. I take my lunch at 2:30. I LOVE the schedule. When my kids are at their other house, I can not go to bed until midnight or 1 and be ok because I can sleep until 8am! I think I’d love Greece too.


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