No April Fool’s Prank Here

I thought about pulling some kind of April Fool’s Prank on my blog.  Maybe I would reveal that Greece wasn’t happening or Surprise:  I’m Pregnant with Triplets or this whole time I’ve been a robot posing as a confused human female.

But no.

I don’t really like April Fool’s.  Partly because the holiday often devolves into “I Just Wanted an Excuse to Lie to You” or “Why Aren’t You Laughing at this Mean Prank?”  But mostly because I’m so gullible.  I fall for everything all the time.  I like to think this means I’m very trusting, but I think it also means I’m a little bit dumb.  So in the spirit of do-to-others-what-you-want-them-to-do-to-you, I won’t be playing any pranks today.  Enjoy a totally normal first day of April.

Okay, but there’s totally a dark side of me that loves pranks–got any good ones?  Either pulled by OR on you?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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