Looking Back: Well That’s Embarrassing

I’ve always fallen hard for male singers who can rock a falsetto, so it’s no surprise that I loved Darren Hayes’s Insatiable when it came out in 2002.  I never owned the song, but I distinctly remember shrieking with joy every Sunday morning it cracked the Top 40 on the radio.  I would dance around my room, singing every word as I got ready for church.

Ten years later, idly searching for new songs to buy on iTunes, Insatiable came to mind.  I bought it, downloaded it, and listened to it.  My mouth dropped open and my face grew beet red.  I imagined myself singing the lyrics on Sunday morning, one door down from my mom getting ready for church.  Had she listened to me sing this?

Look, okay, here’s the song. 

Let’s not even get into the fact that THERE IS SO MUCH MOANING in this song!  Did I do that?  DID I NOT KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON?  No, that is way too embarrassing to think about my family members listening to me croon/moaning as I picked out a modest floral ensemble.

Particularly memorable lyrics that make me want to DIE and come back just to visit my funeral and STOMP MY REMAINS INTO DUST:  “Insatiable/ turn me on/ never stop/ wanna taste every drop” ugh I’m 100% sure my naive 14-year-old self did not understand the implications of that last line, BUT I DO NOW and I’m retroactively horrified.

And the worst:  “We move together up and down/ We levitate our bodies soar/ Our feet don’t even touch the floor/ And nobody knows you like I do/ The world doesn’t understand/ But I grow stronger in your hands.”  I GROW STRONGER IN YOUR HANDS?  I mean.  That’s not even a subtle euphemism, but it went way over my pubescent head.

I sang this as I, let me repeat, WAS GETTING READY FOR CHURCH.  This was not something I secretly listened to at a Friday night slumber party.  I happily belted out these explicitly sex-filled lyrics every Sunday morning in our tiny house across the hall from my parents bedroom.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  WHY DID NO ONE STOP ME?

But…I am still very attracted to Darren Hayes’s falsetto.  I, uh, might have to listen to it….again.

What song did you love as a kid that you look back on now with shame?  I sincerely hope other people have had this experience.  Leave a comment and share!


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