Nannying Has Ruined Me For Motherhood

As a nanny, I:

  • arrive half an hour early to sit in a carpool lane
  • drive across town to pick up dance recital outfits
  • stock my car with snacks
  • say things like, “you’re hearing, but you’re not listening”
  • pretend to enjoy their every new interest
  • spend hours sitting through their events and practices

In a lot of ways, I’m learning how to be a mom.  And while I absolutely adore the kids that I nanny, this does not make me excited to be a mom.  Why?  Because I get paid!  All the boring parenting stuff?  Comes with a paycheck.  Real moms and dads do not get paid for all the work they do, which I think is appalling.  Whenever I have kids, I’m going to keep track of my hourly rate and retroactively charge them for my care when they’re grown and making money.

Or, put another way, I have a lot of respect for moms and dads who invest so fully in their children without getting paid.


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