Netflix Rec: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

I don’t know if I should call Miss Fisher a female Sherlock Holmes or instead compare her to an Agatha Christie sleuth.  To be honest, neither comparison does her justice!  I put this show in my Netflix queue ages ago, and on a whim decided to give it a try before deleting it.  It was love at first scene! 

Episode 1  “Cocaine Blues”

Aunt Prudence:  Lydia seems calmer now.  If only this awful poisoning business was resolved, she could busy herself with a wake!
Miss Fisher:  Yes, that could cheer her up–my earrings!  That man was far too charming.
Aunt Prudence:  What’s the hurry?
Miss Fisher:  I’ll explain later.  Good night, Aunt Prudence.
Aunt Prudence:  At this hour?  It’s not safe!  Why do you think you can just run off on your own?
Miss Fisher:  Because I’m carrying a gun!

Set in 1920s Australia, the setting is charming, the clothes are gorgeous, and the music is jaunty.  Phryne Fisher is an inspiration, if something of a feminist anachronism.  She goes where she wants, asks what she wants, and solves crimes with and without the police detective’s help.  She’s independent and flirtatious, and despite her outspoken revulsion of children, she “adopts” a maid, two handymen, and a child within the first two episodes.  She has a big heart and a bigger arsenal.  Lovers of witty mysteries will love this show, as will those who like historical pieces, or even those who love a compelling female lead.  As a fan of all three, I adore this show, and I plan to watch it all immediately.

Episode 2  “Murder On the Ballarat Train”

Mr. Herbert:  You don’t think I’m guilty?
Miss Fisher:  It doesn’t matter what I think.  But I don’t allow myself to be lustfully compromised during my murder investigations.
Mr. Herbert:  Then I do hope this case is resolved soon.

One thought on “Netflix Rec: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

  1. EmmaJSanta July 25, 2015 / 1:06 pm

    Enjoy watching the series!


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