Sarah E. from Rocky Top Real Talk posted a challenge I couldn’t resist:  playing the book version of MASH.  For those of you not in the know, I can only assume you were not a girl in the 90s.  MASH (Mansion/Apartment/Shack/House) is a game that predicts your future!  I’ve played it hundreds of times, which is I guess all the evidence I need for the existence of parallel universes.  However, all those previous games pale in comparison to this one.

IMG_6185I’ve always played MASH with three good choices and one bad per category.  That way there’s an element of realism?  So while I might get the chance to marry Peeta, I might also have to ride a school bus home to Minas Morgul.  As you can tell from my potential choices, I leaned heavily on fantasy and sci fi books.

IMG_6187I am so happy with how things turned out!  Because my spiral of 8 wiped out most of the bad choices first, I wound up with a really great future!  I was sad to lose out on Huan and Taggle (a talking dog and cat respectively), I am quite happy to have a flying mechanical dragon for a pet.  The only category I’m disappointed in is my job.  Although I’m very glad I missed out on being a Tribute, I was kind of hoping for becoming a cyborg mechanic.  Oh well.

IMG_6188I’m super stoked to marry Eugenides (from Megan Whalen Turner’s The Thief series).  Having a one-handed husband who is whiny, adventurous, and better than you is pretty much exactly the kind of man I’m attracted to.  And I’ve always wanted to travel via Floo Powder!  Honestly, this all sounds like a really great book.  Someone write my future for me!

Try out a book MASH for yourself and let me know your future in the comments!


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