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You know you’re a fanatical reader when you read blogs about reading in your spare time (from reading).  In all honesty, though, reading is such a weird phenomenon.  You get intimately involved in a story…by yourself.  It can be incredibly comforting to find book soul mates who share a passion for the written word.  And if you read a lot, like I do, it can be hard to find people in your sphere of friends who read the same amount of the same type of book.  With all things, when real life doesn’t meet your needs…go online!  Below are seven of my favorite book blogs:  

  • Forever Young Adult
    Forever Young Adult is a site for people like me:  adults who still love to fangirl about YA novels.  The blog has shifted a little in the last couple years, extending their reviewing from just books to also teen-related TV shows and movies.  They’re incredibly funny, and they update multiple times a day.  There’s always something on their site that I’m happy to read.
  • Delladilly
    Delladilly is not quite a book blog; instead, this is a tumblr account with an incredibly helpful book rec tag (which is what I’ve linked to).  Delladilly shares my reading aesthetic:  “i like monsters and princesses and mermaids and Fancy Metaphors about trying to exist in society and be a human shape and sometimes i babble about it incomprehensibly.”  It was from her that I found The Hollow Kingdom and Cruel Beauty, for which I am forever indebted.
  • Book Riot
    Book Riot goes beyond mere reviews to cover lots of book-related topics, like reading trends and an very good “Opinions” column that discusses censorship, reading and technology, and reading stereotypes.
  • Omnivoracious
    Omnivoracious is Amazon’s book review blog, and while I would like to say “Ew, corporate!” it’s….really useful!  They do individual reviews, but what I really like the site for doing is their monthly roundups or lists of books recommended by theme.  My particular favorite is their “YA Wednesday” series.
  • Recovering Potter Addict
    Recovering Potter Addict is a traditional individual-run book review blog.  I love the Potter-themed site, but she covers far more than just Harry.  Her review archive includes hundreds of titles.  I like her reviewing voice, and I really appreciate the way she links to other reviews and author information.
  • If We Shadows Have Offended
    Danielle runs a fun book blog with individual reviews, book-related posts, and my favorite, book lists!  I’ve grabbed several recommendations from her, and I like her love of YA and middle grade books.
  • The Book Monsters
    The Book Monsters is run by two women who have created a balance between book reviews and interactive book challenges.  I especially enjoy their Top Ten Tuesday posts, which is exactly like they sound.  Each week is a different theme, like “Fairy Tale Retellings” or “Ten Authors I Really Want to Meet.”

Do you have a favorite book blog?  I’d love to find more to follow!  Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Jeremy September 10, 2015 / 10:16 am

    Emailed you a bunch of blog sites.


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