Oh Hey, Friday! #2

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Today’s Five:

1. Peoria Tanks and Teesfront (1)

My friend Lindsay (check out her Wild Ginger blog) has designed a whole bunch of t-shirts and tank tops celebrating life in small-town Illinois.  Having lived in big-city Texas for three years, I am hugely proud to be from the land of Lincoln and cornfields.  I love city life, but I want my home to come with acreage, seasons, and homecooked meat and potatoes.  Which is why I bought her Peoria, IL tank top!  Nine more need to be ordered before they’ll go to print, so….buy one so I can have mine!  

2. Fundraising Classes

GEM has put together some fundraising classes for their interns.  I’ll admit that I was (and…still am, a tiny bit) annoyed that it seemed too little, too late.  I’ve already put together my lists of people, sent out three waves of support letters, and put together multiple fundraising projects.  BUT.  Although I don’t necessarily need help with the practicalities of fundraising, I did really enjoy our first online meeting (with Fuze, so we could all see each other’s faces, which was so cool!) for other reasons.

It’s easy for me to get lost in the practicalities.  This has two negative side effects:  I think I am in control, and when when things don’t go well, I WORRY.  A lot.  These fundraising classes are very spiritually based, and during our first meeting we talked about how God is the owner of everything, we just manage it, and we are simply asking people to pass over some of the money God has entrusted to them toward a mission venture.  Plus, it’s really nice to have four other women with whom I can whine and freak out and laugh with.  Nothing is quite as scary when there are other people experiencing it with you.

scandal-logo3. Scandal

I just finished season 1 of Scandal on Netflix, and WOW.  I’d heard that it was good, and I had a feeling that once I started watching the show, I’d be hooked.  I WAS RIGHT.  Every episode is packed with drama.  But what I really love is how smart the characters are.  The stakes are high because lots of geniuses are manipulating each other.

One quibble:  I HATE shows/movies that ask us to root for an affair.  The central relationship immediately rubbed me the wrong way.  Once we got some flashbacks explaining how they came together, I was annoyed to find myself rooting for them.  A little.  But it’s just too easy to make the wife shrewish and the mistress amazing.  Whatever.  Whatever!  I’m still addicted to the show.

4. School Application

I’ll be staying at a school when I move to Greece, which means…I have to apply.  That means references and transcripts and application fees – all things I thought I was DONE with.  I mean, really, it’s not so much work.  But it’s frustrating to go through practical steps when I just want to be there.  Why does the world need red tape?  Okay, I know why the world needs red tape, but can’t I have special status where I can just do whatever I want?  No?

#32DaysInMyCar5. Preparing for #32DaysInMyCar

My month-long roadtrip begins in just 10 days!  Because I LOVE categories and organization, I’ve made up a calendar as well as a stop-by-stop itinerary.  And then I designed a graphic to glue to the folder that will protect all these things.  I made a list of all the things I need to buy and/or borrow before I leave.  I’ve started getting audiobooks and podcasts ready – even to the point that I picked out a basket to keep in the car so my audiobooks will be contained and easily accessed.  I just like everything to be neat, okay!?  I might go insane during this trip, but hey, that would make for good blogging.


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