TV Rec: Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

New this fall, I have already watched the first two episodes of Best Time Ever twice over.  I figured that this talk show/game show/variety show would be good, because NPH has a golden touch of awesome.  I was so right!  While most shows put forth some mildly interesting things before building to a climax, I get the sense that while planning each show segment, NPH and staff decided to make each event THE BEST EVER.  Their commitment to over-the-top pranks, stunts, music, and showmanship makes every second really enjoyable.  I started watching Best Time Ever like I do most shows – while getting ready in the morning.  I couldn’t do it!  I kept drifting to my computer screen, forgetting about the straightener in my hand.

There are around ten celebrity guest stars in every episode, and it’s so fun to see them doing something outside of their norm (like Reese Witherspoon trash talking NPH before ziplining down 15 stories).  The show opens with a ridiculously pre-planned and elaborate surprise for an audience member.  The first had my jaw dropping, and the second made me cry.  Who knows what extreme emotion tonight’s episode will cause!  The End of the Show Show is truly spectacular.  You just get the sense that everyone participating is having such a good time, which, in turn, makes it fun to watch.  I’m hooked.

Watch it now on Hulu (or your preferred TV viewing platform)!  I think the ratings are already awesome, but let’s make them phenomenal, so that we’ll definitely get a renewal after the planned eight episodes.

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