My Hamilton Obsession Grows

I have spent…a truly enormous amount of time thinking about Hamilton: An American Musical.  I’ve listened to the soundtrack on repeat throughout every day, I’ve started following Lin-Manuel Miranda on Tumblr, and I’ve looked up what Hamilton’s enneagram type probably was (an 8, though I was hoping he was emotional enough to be a 4 like me).  Awkward conversations like this happen:

Me:  Put Rory [my cat] on Riley’s [my parent’s dog] back.
Mom:  I don’t think they’ll like that.
Me:  They might.
Mom:  I think the cat–I’m sorry, I should call him Rory.  Saying “the cat” feels mean.
Me:  You can call him whatever you want.  It’s like George Washington says:  “My name’s been through a lot; I can take it.”
Mom:  …
Me:  In Hamilton.  He said that in Hamilton.
Mom:  *sighs*
Me:  …I really want to see Hamilton.
Mom:  I KNOW.

But that’s the thing with obsessions.  Literally everything makes me think of it.  And I am determined to convert everyone around me to loving it too.  When Kelly asked what I’d been doing lately, I said, “Well, I’ve been listening to this musical.  Hamilton?  It’s awesome.  You should listen to it.  Here, let write it down for you.”  When I run into anyone who likes history, I practically shove the existence of Hamilton down their throats.  When I spent three hours in the car with Sarah, we talked about painful pasts and grace and then I segued into: “Hey, do you like musicals?  You do?  Have you heard of Hamilton?  You haven’t!?  Well, is there any way I can plug in my phone and we could listen to….Oh, there isn’t?  Yeah, fine, we can talk about Sondheim and Into the Woods, I guess…”

I almost had a convert when I was talking to my brother.  With him, I didn’t even have to pretend to segue.

Me:  Hey, I’ve been trying to think of a way to work this into our conversation, but nothing is coming up.
Roy:  Hah, okay, what is it?
Roy:  Um.  No.
Me:  It’s a musical about Alexander Hamilton, but his story is told through rap and hip hop, like the cabinet meetings are rap battles.
Roy:  ….That sounds awesome.
Me:  I KNOW.
Roy:  Send me a link to somewhere I can listen to it!  I can’t wait to try it out!
Me:  Tell me when you listen to it!  And I expect no less than eleven exclamation points.  Whether you love it or hate it, I want an emotional response.
Roy:  Sure.

It’s been a few days, and nothing!  I was so close.  However, in a week I will be taking the train out to Seattle to see him, and I am nothing if I am not good at monopolizing conversations and forcing my big brother into “participating” in my obsessions, so this isn’t over.

I mean, honestly, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if at my fundraiser tonight, I didn’t interrupt myself: “I’m so grateful that all of you turned up to support me, and I’m so excited about working with House of Damaris–you know what else I’m excited about, though?  Hamilton the Musical.  Lindsay, is there a way I could plug in my phone….?”


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