Workout Week #1

Progress Report

By the Number

I worked out every day this week (from when I started on Monday).  And I even worked out twice on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, which, I mean, is a grand total of 14 minutes.  WOw.

By My Feelings

My goal was to do just the 7 Minute Workout once a day, every day.  I am a big believer in not pushing yourself, because if you (I) get disappointed, I just give up entirely.  But by Thursday, I had internalized how quickly seven minutes goes by, so I worked out twice (at different times of the day, though).  By then, I was also getting tired later and later in the workout.  I felt stronger!  More capable!  Still a gasping weakling, but slightly less so.  That’s all I want, so I’m feeling pretty great about continuing this.

Goals for Next Week

I will be in New York City with my mom Tuesday-Saturday next week, and I hate working out in front of people, so I will revise my standards.  If I don’t do the 7 Minute Workout, my goal to replace it will be to walk 10,000 steps according to my Apple Health App.  I realize that some people walk 10,000 with FitBits on the regular, but I think we’ve already established my level of laziness, right?  I’m nowhere near that on a normal day.  SO.  Either the 7 Minute Workout or 10,000 steps.  Should be easy enough, traipsing around NYC, right?  HOPE SO, because I also intend to eat a lot of delicious food.


2 thoughts on “Workout Week #1

  1. a sub's missives December 6, 2015 / 8:53 am

    So pleased for you! You set a goal and then exceeded it! Keep it up, but remember progress is never a straight line…travel, illness, life(!) gets in the way sometimes. But just recommit and begin again when things flub up. Hugs


    • Tricia December 6, 2015 / 12:04 pm

      Thanks! I will probably need you to remind me of this in Week 3. 🙂

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