Looking Back on 2015: Favorite Posts!

According to my blog stats, these are the ten most popular posts on ItIsTrish in 2015:

  1. INFJ Personality Type (640 views)
  2. What is the Real Problem with 50 Shades of Grey? (569 views)
  3. I Guess I’m Not Suitable for Marriage (521 views)
  4. No Slut Shaming in Hamilton (317 views)
  5. Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys (306 views)
  6. Fundraising Progress – FINISHED (275 views)
  7. About Me (209 views)
  8. The Story of a Friendship: Tricia, Ketan, and Anju (202 views)
  9. Good Friday (186 views)
  10. My Dallas Church Preached a Sermon on Singleness, and I Lost My Mind (161 views)

(Look at that!  A Hamilton post is in the top three posts of the year!!  My love for the world is restored.)

Based on this list, it seems like….there is no real consensus of what people like.  Singleness, personality profiles, Christianity, pop culture, personal stuff  – everything is popular.  Which is awesome, because now I get to keep writing about everything!

The opinion of the masses is fine and all, but I have some posts that are personal favorites.  Here are ten of my favorite things that I’ve written this year:

  1. I Can Die in Peace, Because I Saw Broadway on Hamilton  (Honestly, I love every single thing I’ve written about Hamilton – easily viewed in my Hamilton tag)
  2. #44HoursInATrain: DAY THREE
  3. Living in a Muslim Country
  4. To be Grateful, I Have to Stop Worrying
  5. I Still Have a Hole in my Heart
  6. Is God Male?
  7. Tricia Goes on a Float Trip from Hell
  8. Mad Max: Fury Road
  9. Selfie Culture: I’m a Fan
  10. A Fully Realized Christian Hope Counteracts the Cynicism of Postmodernism and Legalism (yes, this is lifted from a paper I wrote for seminary)

Was there any particular post on ItIsTrish that you loved?  Leave a comment and let me know what it was!


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