Workout Week #14


After church, I went out to a taverna where we got multiple entrees and even more appetizers, so I basically said, “Oh well,” and gave up on healthiness for the day.

Monday   FullSizeRender

It’s always easiest to stay healthy when I stay home the whole day, snacking a little bit at a time as I get hungry rather than eating a big meal.  Hermits = healthy!  Why is no one pushing this angle??

Once again I’m feeling bored with the workouts I’ve been doing for over three months now, so…YouTube!  I searched “20 minute workouts” and this was one of the first that came up.  I liked it quite a bit, and I’ll probably cycle around to it again sometime in the future.  But not too soon, because…boredom.


FullSizeRenderI didn’t work out on Tuesday because I didn’t have to.  I finished the day with 200 calories left, and…the whole reason I’m working out is so that I can eat more.  And to, like, feel healthy, but whatever!

How did I manage to eat so little?  Well, I had yogurt for breakfast at 8:30, and then nothing else until 3:30 in the afternoon!  I had a meeting that went until 1:00, and then I caught a ride with Dina, who took her son to the doctor’s office, and then we got stuck in traffic, and basically we ate lunch super late.  After that, I just needed a snack in the evening to tide me over, and the day’s calories were easily managed.  It wasn’t even all that hard to go seven hours without eating, though I doubt I’ll make it a regular occurrence.

Wednesday and Thursday 

Once again, I had meetings at HD from 10:00 – 2:00, so with public transit, I didn’t eat a real meal until 5:00 at night (I had a latte at 2:00).  It turns out that I apparently eat way more out of habit than out of hunger.  I knew that, but I thought I could make it maybe an hour past usual lunchtime, not FOUR hours.  Huh.  This only worked, though, because I did not have snack foods readily available.  Once our office kitchen is stocked, this Not Eating option will disappear.


I had a sleepover at a friend’s house, and there is no point in having a sleepover if you intend to be healthy.  So I wasn’t!


I went to Nafplio for the day, and vacation = eating whatever I want with no judgment.  There is clearly a weekday/weekend dichotomy to my healthiness, and I think I like that.

Even though I ate a lot and I didn’t intentionally work out, I did manage to walk 16, 537 steps on Saturday, so!  Yay for me!


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