INFJ Post Generator

I found an INFJ article generator!  What a wonderfully specific gift on the Internet.  Here are some of my favorite posts that it linked me to.

1|  These spot-on cartoon descriptions of INFJ life by INFJoe.


2|  Someone polled a bunch of INFJs and found our top 25 favorite movies!

Here’s what I found out: INFJs have very eclectic taste, but out of all the genres, they seem to have very obvious favorites.

INFJ Favorite Movie Genres:
1 – Dramas
2 – Epic fantasies
3 – Psychological thrillers
4 – Family movies
5 – Romances

3|  Introvert Dear created one of those lists that make you say, “YES, that’s me!” over and over again.

4. Even though they are “feelers,” INFJs can easily access their “thinking” ability.

In fact, INFJs often mistype as “thinkers.” Although they are people-oriented, they may see themselves as analytical and scientific, and they may enjoy careers such as computer programing or accounting. Because their “feeling” process is second in their functional stack and their “thinking” process is third, those two processes are more balanced than those of dominant feelers such as ENFJs, who lead with their “feeling” process.

4|  I found this list by Meg In Writing covered some territory I was familiar with, but this comment in particular is where I am LIVING right now as I enjoy all my Greek friends but wait for that special deeper connection.

6. I have tons of friends, but very few deep friendships.

Unfortunately, those deep friendships are what I crave. They’re not something anyone can force. Very few people are capable of connecting with me in the way I require to form a deep relationship. Relationships where I can have fun and laugh and hang out? Yeah, sure, those are kind of easy. But the ones where I can go to you and spill all my problems and you can help me through them? Those are rare gems. It’s a connection that either happens or doesn’t. While I often become this person for the people around me, few people are able to breach the wall and return the favor.

5|  I never thought I was an INTJ, but this list helped me see a few more things about myself Like Whoa.

You don’t want just any job—you want a humanitarian mission. Ideally you use your creativity in an independent way to develop and implement a vision that is consistent with your personal values. An organized environment and harmonious relationships with colleagues are a must.


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