Apartment Decoration Goals

I am horrible at decorating, but I’m excellent at saying, “Ooo, yes!” to pictures of rooms online.  Now that I have an apartment of my own to furnish and decorate, I’ve been spending a lot of time doing just that.

I have very little money and I don’t like DIY projects, so I’m doomed to staring wistfully at my computer screen while my own walls stay bare and white.  BUT.  I thought I would share some pictures of what I WANT my apartment to be if I had the money, talent, and motivation to make it happen.


THIS BATHROOM.  I love plants, I love green, I love that if your shower sprays everywhere, you can just pretend you meant to be watering your plans.  Bonus: this idea is actually feasible.  I think I have it in me to buy both pots and plants and set them on every available surface.  Aahhh, my heart feels happy just thinking about it.  Stepping into the bathroom like you’re stepping into a garden.  *sigh*  

Thrifty Decor Chick

I really like the slim table with a mirror leaning against it in the foyer.  Maybe with hooks on the wall next to it for coats?  Ugh, why don’t I have unlimited funds so that I can have everything I want without any effort?

In My Own Style

Ooo!  Boots with plants in them!  I like this a lot.  Too bad I left my B&W rainboots in the United States.  They would have been perfect, especially since the soles are falling apart and they’re now 80% useless as boots.


I love front doors that are painted a bold color, and this light blue is GORGEOUS.  My front door is a steel contraption of swirly metal, but maybe I could paint it!  What kind of paint do you use for that?  Acrylics.  Haha, of course I know you can’t do that….right?

Thrifty Decor Chick

Painting the bottom kitchen cabinets a different color from the top looks really cool!  This is possibly doable, awesome.


The peg board is such a cute idea to take up wall space AND cut down on cupboard space.  Hmmm…where do I get one of those?

Okay, I’ve got to stop.  Looking at things you don’t have is exhausting!  But it’s nice to dream about how I can make a version of some of these things a reality.  First up: all those plants in the bathroom!!


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