A Week in Greece #18: Settling In, Captain America, Weekend Adventure

Settling In

Moving never ends!  On the one hand, I have been incredibly blessed.  My bed, refrigerator, oven, dining room table, and washing machine were all donated.  I’m pretty sure a bed for the second bedroom will be given in the next couple weeks.  BUT.  Even with the big things donated, there are so many little purchases that go into furnishing a home, and while spending money on cute appliances was fun at first, I am TIRED of watching money leak out of my bank account.  And I still need living room furniture and rugs and dining room chairs.  *sigh*

But also – it’s so fun!  The one thing I have not tired of buying is plants – which are slowly taking over my bathroom, to my great enjoyment.  And I have some little projects in place, which is nice.  And it’s so encouraging to have people helping me out (with furniture, with installing, etc etc).  But also it’s so hard to rely on other people!  It’s super weird to move into a new house and not have a car for last-minute store runs or not have a tool box to figure things out on my own.  AND I’m feeling some weird homesickness that’s manifesting in “WHAT is going on with this oven!?  Why is it different from what I’m used to??”

It’s a roller coaster.  Bottom line: I love my home, I hate the process of making it my home.

Captain America 

On Wednesday, I finally had another friendship date with Luciana, my nerd soulmate in Athens.  When we were both working at HD on Tuesday, I asked if she could still go to see Captain America, and she waffled about possibly being busy.  “Oh, well, I’m definitely going whether or not you are,” I said, panic turning me rude.


“I have been avoiding the Internet for DAYS,” I explained with all the authority of a First World Problem-Haver.  “I have to see it now.”

Luckily, I later said, “Okay, you are more valuable than a movie, I can wait a few days,” and even LUCKIER, her projects were finished in time for our Wednesday plans.  Wednesday was especially important because she had a coupon for Buy 1 Ticket, Get 1 Free.

Guys, this was my first movie theater experience in Athens!!  These sorts of things are what I think of when people are like, “Wow, you’re so brave to move to a new country,” because haha, I was too scared to go to a movie theater on my own.  BUT WHATEVER, sure, bravery.

We went to the one in the mall, and she suggested we play a game of air hockey while we waited.  After we put in a euro, a SHOWER of pucks slid onto the table, and I screamed, “WHAT IS HAPPENING?” while she thwacked them at my goal.  “Just hit everything!” she said, and apparently flailing and shrieking with laughter is how you play air hockey in Greece, of which I am decidedly in support.

The theater itself was MASSIVE, and the movie was SO GOOD (read my fangirling review here), and it feels amazing to cater to my nerdy side again.  Mostly while in Athens I have been smart and organized and kind and counselor and passionate, but I have not found many times or places to just fully NERD OUT.  It feels so good.

Weekend Adventure

I scheduled this post ahead of time, because I actually left Athens on Friday morning!  There is a women’s conference this weekend in Euboea (confusingly pronounced “Evvia”),  and both Dina and Natasha are on the team who run it.  It’s in a cool hotel, and everyone from HD (except for Anthi, who understandably wanted a break from people after months of running around the city getting things done) will be there.  So will over 100 other women from various Christian denominations, which should be pretty cool.  Honestly, I don’t know what I’m thinking or feeling at this moment (Saturday morning), but I will write a special post about it when I get back to Athens next week!


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