A Week in Greece #34: ELIZABETH LEAVES :(

I have so loved having Elizabeth here!  She is one of my very best friends, and on top of that, we have extremely similar living/traveling habits.  For instance, our decision to take a 9-hour ferry from Crete to Athens instead of a 50-minute flight turned out to be pretty disastrous.  We left port at 9:00 p.m., and the entire boat turned into a chaotic mass of people scrambling to find a chair, bench, or piece of floor to call their own.  The majority of the trip consisted of trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in while the lights were fully on, then being woken up at 5:30 a.m. to stand for an hour before they let us off.  BUT, after admitting to each other that this was not a great decision, we both agreed that it was an adventure worth having and we were glad we’d experienced it.  It’s nice to have a friend like that.

It was also nice that Elizabeth did all the Athens touristy things on her own!  I went back to work this week, and while I was at meetings or doing lesson planning, Elizabeth went to the Acropolis and various museums.  It felt great to not have to take care of her, and I was grateful for the opportunity to avoid paying to see the Parthenon for a fourth time.

Instead, we spent evenings watching movies.  We had both prepared feminist masterpieces to share with the other: I wanted her to see Magic Mike XXL and she wanted me to see Ex Machina).  One night we went to IKEA, and Elizabeth encouraged me to spend a little bit on some purchases that would make my place feel more homey now that I will be spending another year in Athens.  I now have a white tray on my coffee table with coasters, a little plant, and a water bottle, and it is hella cute.  Another night we went to Cap Cap to see their newly revealed Harry Potter-themed decor and menu.

Now, Elizabeth and I are hard core HP fans.  Last year during my US road trip, the two of us (plus her amazing sister Natalie) went to Maryland to attend a Harry Potter festival with hundreds of other nerds.  So it was really delightful to eat a Gryffindor cupcake and drink a pensieve with her.

Last year at Chestertown’s HP festival
This year at Cap Cap
A Gryffindor cupcake, a Letter From McGonagall, a Penseive, and a Broomstick!

I also really love Elizabeth when we are NOT in agreement, because it inevitably devolves into arguments of “Why can’t you just set aside your emotions and think objectively about this?”  “You KNOW I’m an INFJ!  I FEEL things.”  “Ugh, I know.  And I love you for it.”  “Thank you.  I guess I could maybe try to think about things a little more like you do.”

She left on Friday, and we’ve already gone straight back to our constant stream of online conversations.  It is delightful to have an internet friend and an IRL friend all in the same person!  Since she’s been gone, I have caught up on my hours of reading that I set aside in order to socialize, so that’s been nice too.

Oh, and Cordelia, my “cat supervisor” came over and we got all handy with our hands and put up a wire mesh/fence thing on my bedroom window so that Hans Harrison now has a little cat perch from which to watch the world.



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