I stumbled upon Jeremy Messersmith this past week, and his lighthearted indie pop sound is right up my musical alley.  In addition to the sound, I’m a huge fan of the album as a whole.  So far I’ve just been listening to one album, Heart Murmurs, on repeat.  Am I crazy, or it is incredibly unique?

Most albums about love track one person’s love story, usually the singer him/herself.  But Heart Murmurs is a short story anthology in musical form, and unless I’m just loopy on obsessiveness, I can’t think of any other album like that.  Messersmith uses his sweet, sweet voice to tell wildly different stories:  a guy wrestling with unrequited love all the way until her wedding day, a guy offering to be his best friend’s rebound after a girl breaks his heart, and a married man playing out an “If You Like Pina Coladas” schtick as he propositions his wife with a one-night stand.  The only way he could be more diverse is if he sang from a woman’s point of view.

Usually I’m a fan of long narratives.  I prefer serial shows like LOST to procedural shows like Law and Order.  Give me a massive novel over an anthology anyday, and heaven knows I don’t want Taylor Swift to take back 1989.  But somehow, Jeremy Messersmith is converting me!  I’m super into his chameleon songwriting, and I can’t wait to be over Heart Murmurs long enough to dive into his death-themed pop album The Reluctant Graveyard.

Favorite songs:  “Bridges,” “Steve,” “I Want to be Your One Night Stand.”


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