A Week in Greece #45: FRIENDS, MOVIES, and CATS

Unlike last week, a lot happened in the past seven days!

I work the longest on Mondays, so I try to keep that evening free for lots of TV viewing.  Last week was no exception.

I realize this is not a great way to start a “my week was so busy!” blog, but I promise that from Tuesday it got a lot more interesting.  I went to Pikermi after work on Tuesday to pay the remainder of my student visa costs to the school where I used to live.  I always get kind of anxious going back there, because I was not in a good mental state when I was living there (hence why I moved).  But I met up with Tatiana and Natasha (old roommates), Olympia (old friend), and Manon (new friend) for coffee while I was there.  It happened to be the day Obama was in Athens, and it was really nice to hear how much Greeks and Europeans in general love him.  It feels better to mourn with people than to suffer alone.


On Wednesday, I went to Luciana’s apartment after work.  They moved recently and are stuck in “I guess these boxes will be here forever” mode, so I came in as an outsider and helped her clear things out, organize, and clean.  We were 3/4 of the way through putting together their IKEA couch when I had to leave to go to Bible study.  I’d missed the last two times because of laziness or exhaustion, so it was really nice to be back with friends studying Revelation.

I was supposed to get dinner with an OM volunteer on Thursday, but there were strikes all week because it’s protest week in Athens or something.  Instead, I went to my Greek lesson and KILLED IT.  Evangelia was going to give me a test next week, but she said I did so well that the test was unnecessary, and she even gave me some chocolate to boot.  Luciana invited me to her clean, couched apartment after lessons, and we talked and ordered Chinese food when Giorgos got home.  We all curled up on the couch to watch cat commercials on YouTube and argue about feminism until 10:30, so obviously I felt like it was an enjoyable evening.

This whole time was our Celebration Week, but since we didn’t have a team of volunteers is was understated.  On Friday we had our Graduation Ceremony, which was very nice.  I’ve got to be honest, I’m only halfway present at HD these days, since my mind keeps racing ahead with plans for the States and for my return.  After work, I went to the mall movie theater to meet up with some friends to see Doctor Strange.  I couldn’t find them, and when I finally contacted them it turned out I’d gone to the wrong theater and it was too late to go back.  This was fine by me, because I wanted to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them more, which is what I did.  I LOVED it way more than I expected, and you can read a spoiler-free review on my Harry Potter blog, Harry Potter and the Fan Who Wouldn’t Move On.


On Saturday, I caved and bought a backpack cat carrier for Hans Harrison.  Then I took him downtown to Rosie’s house, and holy cow, what a nerve-wracking experience.  HH was awesome, and after I figured out that he would stop yowling if I wore the backpack in front and kind of hugged him, he settled down and just…shook in terror.  But silently, which helped my social anxieties at being the person on the metro with the cat bjorn.  When we got to Rosie’s house, he and Louie (Rosie’s cat) instantly bonded.  Hans hid under the couch, and Louie promptly followed him.  When Hans was brave enough to come out, Louie followed him like a very energetic groupie.  It was super cute.

Kendra also came over for the cat festivities, which was nice.  By the end of the night, Hans Harrison was doing so well that I figured I should give him as much time as possible to feel comfortable there.  I forgot to mention why all this was happening:  Rosie is going to take HH in December when I go to the States for a month, and we wanted to do a test run to see how he would react to Louie.  So anyway, he spent the night at Rosie’s on Saturday!


On Sunday I went back to Rosie’s house before church to check up on Hans Harrison.  He was staying out from under the couch most of the time, and he even tried to attack Louie’s tail once.  Progress!  We left them alone when we went to church, then grabbed a couple more friends and went to the Nine Lives bazaar.  That’s the cat shelter that gave me Hans Harrison, so we all bought some books and jewelry and food there to support them.  After that I wrangled Hans back into his carrier and made the long stressful journey home.

We got back to my place around 3:30, and when I opened the carrier, Hans took two steps away before collapsing and falling asleep.  I was also stressed from the process of stressing him, so I took a nap, and he curled up on my back for three hours as we slept the anxiety away.


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