By Land and By Sea

There is something about exploring a city on my own that both invigorates and calms me.  Maybe it’s the sense of ownership that it creates, knowing that I managed to find my way around without help, confident that I actually am competent.  Although I enjoy traveling with friends, I really appreciate opportunities to set off into the wild unknown…of civilized Seattle.

King Street Station, where Amtrak’s Empire Builder line ends.

We left off (in #44DaysInATrain: DAY THREE) with me in the coffeeshop Zeitgeist, waiting for my brother Roy’s lunch break.  At noon, we arranged to meet for Thai food.  I would walk one way down 1st Ave, he the other, and eventually we would meet up.  I put on my purse, threw my backpack on, and clutched my duffel bag, then cut a wide swath down the sidewalk.  Just when a homeless man called out, “Welcome home!” I wondered if I’d gone too far.  My phone rang, and Roy said, “I’m almost to Zeitgeist.  Where are you?”  We had missed each other, and I had gone further than the restaurant, so we both turned around and eventually met in front of our Thai restaurant.  Continue reading