As you know from my last post, Venice (mostly its hoards of tourists) was kind of overwhelming.  I was not excited to leave the hotel for day three, so I threw out this option:  “Let’s go somewhere else.  We’re near the train station!”  My mom is awesome, so she agreed to the impromptu change of plans.  Our mission was to simply find a train headed to a city we had heard of that was leaving relatively soon.  Those low standards led us to getting €12 tickets to Bologna!!

The two hour ride there was amazing, because I love reading and falling asleep on trains.  It is…my normal preferred life activities, but on a train, so it has the aura of forward movement and purpose attached.  There was one downside, though, which we discovered when we got to Bologna.  Because we hadn’t planned anything or even known where we would go, we hadn’t downloaded Google Maps for the area, and therefore had no idea where we were.


We found some fancy stairs, and assumed that going up was a good idea.   Continue reading