TV Rec: The Mole

I’m not very interested in reality TV.  I have gotten intensely involved in So You Think You Can Dance, and one summer I cared deeply about who would win The Bachelorette.  But most of the time, I find reality TV repetitive and needlessly dramatic.  Plus, I’ve never found anything that can live up to The Mole.

The Mole was, on the surface, a typical mission-based travel game show.  Contestants had to perform challenges to add money to a group pot, and the winner of the show would take it all home.  Part of the fun of the show came from the varied nature of the challenges, which included bull fights, laser tag, art shows, and jewelry appraisal.  What elevated The Mole above similar shows, however, was the twist its name implies.  Amongst the 10 contestants was one mole–a man or woman whose purpose was to sabotage the games and keep the winnings as low as possible.  At the end of each episode, everyone took a quiz to identify the mole (which often included absurdly detailed questions like “At the start of the “Crusoe” mission, was the Mole wearing a hat?”  The person who scored the lowest was eliminated, and the show went on.   Continue reading