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Year 2 | A Week in the United States #17: SEATTLE, PEORIA, and DALLAS

I've been all over the country this week!  Last Friday, my brother met me in Vancouver, and we had dinner with my Greek coworkers and Canadian trainers. Then we drove across the border, and I spent the weekend in Seattle with him and his partner. We did some touristy things on Saturday, like touring fancy… Continue reading Year 2 | A Week in the United States #17: SEATTLE, PEORIA, and DALLAS


Two of My Favorite Dallas Families

I've got to jump back to Sunday night in order to catch up.  Sheesh.  I'm having a hard time blogging every day lately.  I think part of that is because it's felt more like real life instead of a vacation, and I haven't blogged about real life in real time for a couple years.  But… Continue reading Two of My Favorite Dallas Families


Keeping Busy in Dallas

I was not prepared for Dallas to feel so much like home.  This stop has really messed with my ideas of My Ideal Future, and the role a certain Texan city might have in them. On Thursday night, Sanjay said, "Take a deep breath. you think you could take us to the airport tomorrow morning… Continue reading Keeping Busy in Dallas


Back in Dallas: Reunited with Anju and Ketan

I did not expect how much being back in Dallas would feel like coming home.  Four months isn't that long, but a lot has happened since I moved at the end of June!  I was unprepared for the massive nostalgia of being back.  I could drive on auto-pilot, I had my go-to bank to make… Continue reading Back in Dallas: Reunited with Anju and Ketan

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Goodbye Dallas

Today I leave Dallas. The three years I lived here weren't especially fancy.  I arrived a 24-year-old, and now I am 27.  I graduated from seminary with a Master's in Biblical Counseling.  I traveled to three new states.  I got a tattoo. But the most significant memories are subtler.  I lived with six women who… Continue reading Goodbye Dallas