Cookie Gets Blessed: The Feast of St. Francis

Today is the Feast of St. Francis, and the Episcopalian church near Elizabeth’s house was celebrating the Blessing of the Animals.  We decided to take Elizabeth’s dog Cookie, and I loved the service so much.

There were around fifteen dogs present, two cats in their carriers, a guinea pig, a terrarium with hermit crabs, and one kid brought two of his stuffed animals.  We met in a church alcove, and for the first five minutes, chaos reigned as the dogs asserted their dominance and the owners struggled to quiet them.  The lovely thing was that no one cared – we were here for the animals, and their chaos is part of their character.


Two reverends came out to lead us in a hymn and some responsive prayers.  One woman read Genesis 1:20-25.  Then came my favorite part, as we prayed collectively for the pets specifically and animals in general.  Continue reading