Recommendation: No Prehensilizing

I recently stumbled upon the tumblr account No Prehensilizing, a blog run by a 24-year-old graduate of film and philosophy.  She shares many of my obsessions (Marvel, Starkid, Doctor Who, Mad Max), and she writes wonderfully intelligent critiques of popular media.  Here are some of my favorite essays she has written, though I suggest you check out the whole blog!

I’m loving her site, and I hope you find something enjoyable there as well!

Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit

I once received a comment on a blog post that said, “I know you look at this differently, but I do not believe there has been an ages long conspiracy of men to keep women down.”  At the time I was too flabbergasted to respond with any kind of eloquence.  Now that I’ve read Men Explain Things to Me, I won’t have to speak for myself; I will simply hand a copy of Solnit’s book and let it explain things for me, if you will.  *wink*

Seven essays on the female experience, Solnit’s anthology is a must read for anyone interested in the subtle ways our patriarchal society oppresses women.  Sometimes this is manifested in ignorantly arrogant men speaking over women, as in her first essay, “Men Explain Things to Me.”  All too often, however, this oppression takes the form of violence, because

There’s so much of it.  We could talk about the assault and rape of a seventy-three-year-old in Manhattan’s Central Park in September 2012, or the recent rape of a four-year-old and an eighty-three-year-old in Louisiana, or the New York City policeman who was arrested in October of 2012 for what appeared to be serious plans to kidnap, rape, cook, and eat a woman, any woman, because the hate wasn’t personal.

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