Fall TV 2015

This is the time of year that I panic, unready to dive back into ongoing TV shows when there is still so much on Netflix I need to watch (I only just discovered Scandal!).  However, with the help of Entertainment Weekly‘s fall TV guide, I’ve put together my must-watch list for the new season.  Apparently I’m very committed to my bite-sized half-hour comedies, and I’m only willing to consider committing to some hour-long dramas.

Returning Favs

The Mindy Project (September 15)


I think The Mindy Project has been getting better and better with each season, so I was super bummed when it was cancelled.  Thank goodness for Hulu’s saving grace!  More Mindy (Kaling AND Lahiri) please!

Doctor Who (September 19)

Even though recent seasons have not elicited the emotional ferocity I felt for seasons 1-4 of New Who, Doctor Who is a forever favorite.  It is, after all, a show about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism (check out Craig Ferguson’s awesomely weird tribute to the show if you didn’t catch that quote).

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