Harry Potter Challenge – Day 21-25

Today is the second-to-last day for the Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge!

Day 21: Pick one character to bring back from the dead.


Just one!?  If Lupin had survived the Battle of Hogwarts, I would choose Sirius.  I want them to be BFFs for the rest of their lives.  But I can’t bring back one without the other, because they’ve already spent so much of their lifetimes alone, and I hate that for them.

I would bring back Dumbledore, but let’s be real.  He’s old, he lived a good long life, and he walked into death with his eyes wide open.

I’m a monster, and I never really cared all that much about Dobby.  I could maybe get on board with bringing back Hedwig, but in the end there’s only one choice:  Fred Weasley.

GEORGE NEEDS HIM.  I NEED HIM.  He died too young and too funny.   Continue reading

Harry Potter Challenge – Days 11-15

Day 3 of my abbreviated Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge found on Short Story Long‘s blog.

Day 11: Which character would you say you are most like?


I kind of covered this yesterday when I talked about how much I love Hermione Granger.  To keep things interesting, I’ll go with a different character, though Hermione remains my one and only.

I’m a lot like Remus Lupin, with his love of chocolate and books.  He doesn’t own much, and he can move in and out of a place pretty quickly.  He loves his friends but often feels like an outsider (though I am not, actually, a werewolf).  He’s a good teacher, and he cares about getting his students invested through fun.  Especially in The Shoebox Project, which apparently I will mention every day, I feel so much kinship with Remus, who only buys his friends books for holidays and sheepishly pretends he doesn’t care that they are immediately thrown to the side in favor of a more exciting gift.   Continue reading