How to Party Like an Introvert

  1. Invite two of your closest friends over.  A week in advance, obviously.
  2. The day of, text everyone to make sure they are coming.
  3. Feel both happy and disappointed when they say yes.
  4. Greet them at the door with awkward small talk.
  5. Watch that indie movie on Netflix.
  6. Talk about how the movie reminded you of the inevitability of death and how earlier that week you thought your mole was cancerous until it turned out to be a bit of chocolate.
  7. Start obnoxiously yawning around 9:45.
  8. Say, “Well, I’ve got an early day tomorrow, so…” at 10:00.
  9. Respond “So?” when someone points out that tomorrow is Saturday.
  10. Wave from the doorway as they leave.
  11. Sprint to your room to change into comfy pajamas.
  12. Make hot chocolate and pop a bowl of popcorn.
  13. Turn on the side lamps in your room and turn off the overhead light.
  14. Pat the bed until your cat curls up beside you.
  15. Get out that 500-page book you were dying to read the whole time your friends were over.
  16. Sip your hot chocolate, eat your popcorn, pet your cat, and get lost in someone else’s life.


(Image from Grammarly)

How to Stress Like an Introvert

The past couple weeks have been super stressful.  This is almost entirely centered around two things:  1)  putting a lot of pressure on myself to get all my fundraising done NOW, and 2) wanting to be involved in everything all the time.  This amounts to a lot of complaining about things that I legitimately enjoy doing.  Plan a party for a retiring minister.  Yes!  Plan a massive yard sale that keeps growing with thoughtful donations?  Of course!  Work on designing and adding content to the church website?  Ooo, cool!  Five more concerned friends offering fundraising ideas?  Great.

But all of this together?  The fun starts feeling like pressure.  And as an introvert who shuts down in the face of stress rather than acts out, things usually look like this:  Continue reading

Find Out Why You’re Single With Myers-Briggs!

My friend sent me a link to this article, “Here’s Why You’re Still Single Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type” which I immediately knew would be up my alley.  Singleness?  Personality tests?  Self-awareness?  Yes please to everything.

I scrolled down to INFJ….and barked a surprised laugh before staring open-mouthed at my phone.  Continue reading

INFJ Personality Type

I’ve scanned personality profiles for INFJs ever since I realized that’s where I fall on the Myers-Briggs chart.  For instance, I am Galadriel from Lord of the Rings, Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, and Remus Lupin from Harry Potter.  I’m a bit of a sucker for reading descriptions of INFJ personality qualities because I love that thrill of “Oh my gosh, that’s me.  How is this so eerily accurate?”

I recently stumbled across 16Personalities, and their description felt like someone had psychoanalyzed me and published their findings on the Internet.  If you know your type, you can read through the description under the “Type” tab.  If not, the site offers a 12-minute test that you can take for free.

I’m going to list some of the statements that struck me as especially accurate.  I don’t know how interesting this will be for the casual viewer of this blog, but hey!  Think of it as a way to get to know me a little better.  Continue reading