INTERNET RANTS | “Are You Happy to Be Home?”

Seeing old friends in the United States after living for a year in Greece, the question I heard more than any other was,

“Are you happy to be home?”

Which is a weird question, because why not the much easier and more common, “How are you?”

Here’s why, says my internet-ranting brain:  because people assume that home is better than away, and that they know what I like and need more than I do!!

I’m being too harsh, I know, and I ought to be grateful that people paid attention to my life at all, I know (though not anymore, haha!).  But it touched a nerve.

So people kept asking, “Are you happy to be home?” and I kept lying and saying, “Yes!”

That was easier than saying the true answer, which is something like, “Not really.  I mean, it’s nice to sleep all the time and for my mom to make me hot chocolate, but I miss Athens.  I miss having my own home, and while I love being with Rory Cat, I miss Hans Harrison and worry that he’s adjusting to his new home.  I miss the friends that I was just starting to feel close to and all the people that were bringing out new passions in me and creating safe places for me. I miss waking up with a purpose and going to work and knowing that I am a valuable part of a really wonderful organization.  I want to be there for Christmas parties, and I want to eat souvlaki, and I want to misunderstand someone’s Greek, and I want to walk to the metro station while listening to a podcast, and sure it’s nice to have the freedom of driving again, but I’ve CHANGED, and I feel like you are trying to make me into who I used to be with this stupid question about how much better it is to be home than to be in this amazing ugly cool place that I made my own!!!!”

Alternative Comments For When Someone Returns From Living Abroad

  • “I’m so glad to see you!  How are you?”
  • “Tell me about your time in XXX.  I’d love to hear.”
  • “You must be feeling a lot of things!  I hope you’re doing okay.”
  • “The crazy look in your eyes makes me think you’re over-sensitive.  I’m just going to hug you and then walk away slowly.”

INTERNET RANTS | “God Has a Plan For You!”

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook the story of how she survived a car crash.  A lot of people expressed gratitude, but there was one comment that really annoyed me.

“God is merciful!  He has a plan for you!”

Which, like…okay.  Sure.  But I cannot read that without immediately thinking, “What about all the people who do NOT walk away from a car crash?  Did God not have a plan for them?”

I am sure that the person who made this comment was not insinuating that, but that’s the thing with the Internet.  You say something innocuous, and it is SO easy to be misread.  Or for someone to know what you mean, but still hear shades of guilt and doubt for their own experiences.  That’s why my internet motto comes from Professor Moody:  “Constant vigilance!”

Alternative Comments For When Someone Avoids Accidental Death

  • “I’m so glad you’re alive!”
  • “That’s terrifying, thank God you survived!”
  • “Even though things worked out well, you must still be shaken.  Is there any way I can support you right now?”