The End of an Internship

In December 2013, I was freaking out.  At DTS, we have to spend two semesters working at a counseling facility, and so far, I’d been ignored or rejected by all the places where I’d applied.  Then one day, I received a school-wide email suggesting people apply to The Vale, so I put in my application as a last-ditch effort to secure a position in the spring semester.  When I arrived at the private practice, I immediately loved the calm atmosphere and the counseling philosophy of the man who interviewed me.

Fourteen months later, I am finishing my internship.  I wound up staying there three semesters instead of two and spending an extra two months bringing my clients to a healthy close.  I stayed because I absolutely loved it.  Lois is a phenomenal secretary.  Tyler was the best supervisor I could have asked for.  Nancy was an encouraging fellow intern.  My clients were varied, frustrating, enlightening, and educational.  Looking back at my time at The Vale, I am so incredibly glad for that email in the midst of my confused sadness. Continue reading