How I Attended Seth Meyer’s Monologue Rehearsal at NBC Studios

Mom and I were leaving the NBC gift shop when a woman approached us.  “Would you like to see Seth Meyers?” she asked.

“Um, what?” I said, very eloquently.

“We need people to participate in his monologue rehearsal.  It’s just forty people or so.   You’ll meet the writing staff and Seth Meyers – it’s very intimate.  I have three spots left.”

“Is it free?” Mom asked, very practically.

“Yes!  You can show up or not, it’s totally up to you.”

Mom and I exchanged a look.  Her eyes seemed to say, please choose, I don’t know enough about what is going on.  I answered the NBC worker, “Sure.  Thanks.”

As we walked away, Mom asked, “Who is Seth Meyers?”   Continue reading