One Direction’s Latest (Last?) Album: Made in the A.M.

Hello!  It’s me, Tricia, your Too-Old-For-This escort into the wonderful and horrifying world of One Direction!  You may remember me from the last time I broke down and indulged my inner tweenager by writing a 1D Manifesto (it is still one of my favorite posts that I’ve ever written).  Since then, a lot has happened:  Zayn left the band, Louis became an almost-father, they announced that they’re going on a break (which might actually be a break up), and today they released their fifth album.

Now, I’ve always freely admitted that first and foremost, I’m into their pretty faces.  Look at these faces!


With every album released, I listen and love with the fondness of someone supporting their cute fictional boyfriend(s).  Their music isn’t hard to listen to, and there are always a couple songs that I completely adore.  But their sound is not my go-to musical choice.  However…when I started listening to Made in the A.M. I found myself loving the entire thing.

Admittedly, the objective part of my brain is broken.  Beautiful men do that to me.  I have no confidence in my opinions where One Direction is concerned.  I KNOW that they’ve musically matured since “That’s What Makes You Beautiful,” but there’s still some elitist part of me that doesn’t want to admit the truth:

I REALLY LOVE THEIR MUSIC.  There, I said it.  Let the flailing commence.   Continue reading