The Hamilton Musical Is AMAZING

I’ve seen a lot about Hamilton, the hit Broadway musical, on the Internet.  As more and more people I trust fell under its sway, I side-eyed their good taste.  Before I listened to it, my reservations were mostly: how can a musical about a founding father possibly be interesting? So I watched the video below, and the idea that hip hop is the language of a revolution intrigued me enough to give it a go.

Within the first 30 seconds of the first song, I thought, “Oh no.  This is the beginning of an obsession.”  Within the first few songs, I raced home because I knew I wanted to document my reactions (which were mostly dancing in my driver’s seat and then screaming “AHHH!!!” at the end of the song because I had so many unnameable emotions).

I’m throwing my opinion in with the rest and highly recommending Hamilton.  Buy it on iTunes, Amazon, or listen for free on Spotify, just LISTEN TO IT oh my gosh.  And if you need further convincing, here is me fangirling over every single song and displaying some of the incredible lyrics (songs I especially liked are bolded).   Continue reading