I Created a Harry Potter Website!

I’ve been listening to a Harry Potter podcast, and it inspired me to reread the series.  But then I thought, why would I do this alone!?  How much more fun if people read along with me and we got to discuss the amazingness that is Harry Potter??

So I made Harry Potter and the Fan Who Wouldn’t Move On!

The site has four main parts:


This is the heart of the site.  Every Monday I will read a chapter of Harry Potter and write about these seven topics:

  1. LUMOS, an illuminating One Sentence Summary
  2. RIDDIKULUS, in which I get my Fangirl On
  3. CONFUNDUS, the Wizarding World is not like Our World
  4. ALOHOMORA, unlocking Foreshadowing moments
  5. EXPELLIARMUS, a weekly Sassy Harry moment
  6. REPARO, a weekly BFF award
  7. WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA, lifting up a weekly Cutie Pie


One of the best parts about Harry Potter is the communal fandom that exists.  This section will feature interviews with Potter fans so that we can get to know each other!



Here I will reveal memories of some of my favorite Harry Potter moments in my life.  Hopefully this will grow to include the memories of others who want to write in!



What is fandom without fan creations?  In this section, I’ll highlight some of my favorite podcasts, fanart, fanfic, and videos!


If you also love Harry Potter and refuse to move on, I hope you’ll join me over there!

There is no official connection between this site and that one, so I won’t bring it up very often – just each time I start a new book.