Book Rec – 36 Views of Mount Fuji

36viewsAt the top of my Dream Vacation list is Japan.  Why?  I don’t entirely know.  My general sense of Japanese culture is one of beauty, order, and peace.  I also like their tendency to make material goods as adorable as possible.  Japanese architecture resonates with some pagoda-shaped hole in my soul, and I want nothing so badly as to stand amongst a bajillion cherry blossom trees in full bloom.  Well-meaning idiots tell me there are cherry blossom trees in DC, but that is not what I want.

I feel like there is a good chance I am actually Japanese wrapped in American skin, a feeling that Cathy N. Davidson understands and shares.  Davidson is an American woman who lived in Japan four times over the course of a decade.  She is an introspective and honest writer, intent on both describing the country as well as her thoughts concerning what she sees.

I adored reading about someone who allows me to vicariously live through her adventures.  It is just enough to tide me over until I get a chance to visit Japan on my own.


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