2 Days Until Puerto Rico

I’m going to change things up the next week while I am in Puerto Rico with my friend Michal.  IMG_1800Instead of having assigned days with set topics, I’m just going to write and document as things happen.  I expect this trip to be amazingly fun.  It’s my first time traveling with Michal, but she is a kindred spirit, so I have zero worries.  We became friends because of mutual loves of traveling, feminism, and food, so journeying to Puerto Rico as two single ladies will combine all of our favorite things.

Anticipation is nearly as fun as actually experiencing something, so here are the TOP THREE THINGS I’m looking forward to doing in Puerto Rico:

  1. Kayaking in a biolumnescent bay!!
  2. Wandering around the picturesque Old San Juan.
  3. Watching The Hobbit:  Battle of the Five Armies (nerd priorities).

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