Netflix Rec: Long Way Round and Long Way Down

Back when I had bad hair and worse skin, my adolescent celebrity crush was the Ewan McGregor from the Star Wars prequels and especially from Moulin Rouge.  That Scottish accent!  That blindingly adorable cheeky smile!  So imagine my shrieking delight when I found Long Way Round and Long Way Down on Netflix, two multi-episode documentaries of Ewan McGregor and his friend Charley Boorman motorcycling across Asia and Africa. 

These shows are perfect for travel lovers.  In Long Way Round, we get to watch the two men drive across Europe, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, and the United States.  Their bikes break, they stay with locals, they cross absolutely gorgeous terrain.  In Long Way Down, the two reunite to drove from Scotland to South Africa, once again exploring beautiful landscapes and meeting friendly locals.  I think it is probably impossible to watch these documentaries without being inspired to be adventurous yourself.  So find a friend, pick a destination, and go!


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