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What I Read | APRIL 2017

Notes from a Big Country by Bill Bryson Bryson, known mainly for his European travelogues, here documents his return to the USA through a series of newspaper essays.  Having tasted life in Europe, his musings about his home country are mostly exasperated.  Occasionally, usually at the prodding of his British wife, he remembers something lovely… Continue reading What I Read | APRIL 2017

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What I Read | FEBRUARY 2017

This month I read some fantasy, some non-fiction, and some contemporary fiction both satirical and...weird.  Recommended books are italicized! Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb The second book in Hobb's Farseer trilogy started out slow but became quite engrossing about halfway through.  Initially, I complained about the dearth of female characters, but then Kettricken wound up… Continue reading What I Read | FEBRUARY 2017

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What I Read | JANUARY 2017

In January, I left my beloved library behind in the States, which was very sad.  But I also returned to twelve new books that I bought at a Christmas bazaar before leaving Athens last year, so it all balanced out (not really, twelve books does not equal infinite library access). We Should All Be Feminists by… Continue reading What I Read | JANUARY 2017

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Sunday Summary #51

1|  Carrie Fisher was an amazing woman, and these 19 tweets complied by Buzzfeed honor her perfectly. 2|  Being "home" this month made me especially thrilled to read the Travelettes piece on the pros and cons of feeling at home, nodding furiously at everything they said. 3|  The best surprise!

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Looking Back on 2016 | TRAVEL

As usual, I judge the success of my years by how much traveling I manage to get in.  Here's a quick rundown! Outside Greece I met up with Kaitlyn in Berlin, Germany for a weekend in March. I met up with Roy and Idil in Cappadocia, Turkey in June. I went on a roadtrip throughout… Continue reading Looking Back on 2016 | TRAVEL

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Sunday Summary #46

1|  My vacation in Slovenia was one of my favorite trips this year, and this couple's blog post has GORGEOUS pictures of some of my favorite destinations! 2|  NomadicMatt is one of my favorite travel bloggers, and I love this piece he did about pursuing your life's passion. But I don’t buy into the idea… Continue reading Sunday Summary #46

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Instagram Recommendation List

In my latest Podcast Recommendation List, Kim commented and requested that I do a similar post about Instagram.  I love fulfilling readers' wishes, so here you go!  Five people I follow on Instagram that I think other people might like following too. @lifeinbloomphotos This Midwestern instagrammer posts simple pictures of life in the country:  leaves,… Continue reading Instagram Recommendation List