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What I Read | APRIL 2017

Notes from a Big Country by Bill Bryson Bryson, known mainly for his European travelogues, here documents his return to the USA through a series of newspaper essays.  Having tasted life in Europe, his musings about his home country are mostly exasperated.  Occasionally, usually at the prodding of his British wife, he remembers something lovely… Continue reading What I Read | APRIL 2017

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Top 5 Wednesday

Welcome to my first, and possibly only, Top 5 Wednesday!  I saw this over at My Tiny Obsessions, and since I couldn't think of anything else to write about today, I ran with it.  This week’s theme is Favorite Videos/Posts, so let's get real meta and have ME talking about ME and MY work.  I love narcissistic blogging! 1|… Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday

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Let’s Talk About … Aliens (Part 1)

with Elizabeth Last time they talked about Tom Hiddleston.  This time they talk about a theology of aliens.  Elizabeth and Tricia’s friendship truly covers the heights and depths of the human experience. Elizabeth:  I was just thinking this morning about how having the image of God allows us to be individuals.  God made all of… Continue reading Let’s Talk About … Aliens (Part 1)


Theology of the Body: Moderation

During one class, I led a group that had to create a Theology of the Body.  It turned into one of my favorite projects, resulted in two new friends, and helped me conceptualize and defend something I already believed with my heart.  This post isn't a paper so much as a bunch of verses from… Continue reading Theology of the Body: Moderation

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Gender Roles as Taught by a Greek Evangelical Church

It was my worst nightmare.  On February 14th I entered the church and saw that the bulletin announced that the day's sermon would be on "Εφεσἱοθς 5:21-33."  Great.  Valentine's Day AND the Ephesians passage on marriage.  Always theologically paranoid where gender roles are concerned, I prepared myself to be righteously (and selfishly) annoyed. Although the… Continue reading Gender Roles as Taught by a Greek Evangelical Church


Made for More by Hannah Anderson

Divided into three sections, I was initially unimpressed by Anderson's book.  The first four chapters cover the biblical story of the gospel, and while it's kind of awful to say it was boring, it also wasn't anything new.  However, it was a necessary set up that led into part two...which was amazing. Anderson's main point… Continue reading Made for More by Hannah Anderson

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A Theology of Homosexuality*: Sitting on the Fence

[I wrote this article two years ago on a different blog.  In light of SCOTUS's decision to legalize same-sex marriage throughout the United States, I thought it was worth sharing again.] In today's cultural climate, it's nearly impossible to create a theology of sex without mentioning homosexuality (or bisexuality or transexuality).  The church has a… Continue reading A Theology of Homosexuality*: Sitting on the Fence