Let’s Talk About … Aliens (Part 1)

with Elizabeth

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Last time they talked about Tom Hiddleston.  This time they talk about a theology of aliens.  Elizabeth and Tricia’s friendship truly covers the heights and depths of the human experience.

Elizabeth:  I was just thinking this morning about how having the image of God allows us to be individuals.  God made all of us humans in his image, and to our finite minds, that would seem to make us all the same.  But to God – the infinite God who rejoices in every sunrise (see G.K. Chesterton) – the multitude of ways in which we bear his image as individuals is a continuous source of delight.  We don’t have the capacity to appreciate each and every individual, but he does.  And if we realize that, it can help us see people as valuable individuals when we meet them out in the world.  They are enough.  We are enough!  I have some basic level of value, not just as one of many image bearers, but because I bear God’s image in a way that nobody else can, and God sees that and is delighted by it.
Tricia:  I think this is a good argument for the existence of aliens.
Elizabeth:  You really want to finish the alien co-blog, don’t you?

Tricia:  LOL.
Tricia:  But now that I’m thinking about it…why would God’s image stop here?  Why is God’s image always human-shaped?  Why not beings that are spirit, beings that capture his omnipresence or his warmth or his whispers?
Elizabeth:  Oh, wow.
Elizabeth:  That’s such a good point.  Because obviously God’s essence is not bound by what we can see.
Elizabeth:  Oh wow, Tricia, what if there is a vast cosmos full of beings reflecting back different aspects of God’s beauty?  Like, we see just a tiny part, and together it must be so much more, but God is still MORE.
Tricia:  And eternity is us spent visiting new galaxies and thinking, “WOW, God is so much bigger than I ever imagined,” over and over again.


Elizabeth:  We’re over here discovering black holes and they continually mess with our minds, and God is like, “LOL you have seen nothing.  Just wait.”
Tricia:  Yes!  He is so delighted!  Like a parent watching a kid opening their stocking when there are so many better presents under the tree.
Elizabeth:  ^PERFECT image.

Elizabeth:  Even if there aren’t more beings with souls (even though I think it’s likely that there are, because God seems to love forming relationships with beings he has created) I think there’s a good point to be made that all of creation reflects and worships God in some way.
Tricia: Oh, good point!  I love that – “God seems to love forming relationships with beings he has created.”  And…that’s how I feel toward fictional characters.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BE REAL SO WE CAN LOVE EACH OTHER.
Tricia:  Fangirling = image of God.
Elizabeth:  You mean that God loves us into realness?
Tricia:  …Yes.  That is now what I mean!

Tricia:  It’s hard to imagine God STOPPING creating things.
Elizabeth:  ^YES.
Tricia:  And the universe IS expanding.
Tricia:  Aliens definitely exist.

Elizabeth:  We fangirl over God at least as much as we do over Justin Trudeau.
Tricia:  God LOVES Justin Trudeau.


What should we talk about next?  No guarantees, because inspired conversations cannot be forced, but we WILL take your suggestions into consideration.


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